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Tejas performs mid-air refueling for the first time

Light combat aircraft Tejas (Rajan Manickavasagam/Flickr)
September 04, 2018

In a big milestone, India’s indigenous Light Combat Aircraft Tejas performed mid-air refueling. This was the first time Tejas performed the mid-air refueling, which also brings the aircraft closer to getting the Final Operational Clearance (FOC) certificate.

Indian Air Force Il-78MKI tanker was the aircraft involved in the test, and the Tejas aircraft was flown by Group Captain Rajeev Joshi of the National Flight Test Centre. It was a dry test in which the refueling probe was attached with the refueler hatch of the Il-78MKI.

Tejas has not yet received the FOC certificate as it already failed to meet the previous deadlines due to various reasons.