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LCA Tejas successfully performs real mid-air refueling test

Tejas getting refueled in mid-air from IL-78MKI. (Indian Air Force)
September 10, 2018

Today, the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas performed mid-air refueling with IL-78MKI again successfully. This time it was a wet trial, unlike the last one, which was a dry trial and didn’t include actual refueling.

The Tejas (Limited Series Prototype-8) aircraft was flown by test pilot Wg Cdr Siddarth Singh in the skies of Banglore. The mid-air refueling took place at 20,000 feet by 78 Squadron IL-78MKI Fuel Tanker. The tanker injected nearly 1,900 liters of fuel successfully.

With this, the aircraft is now close to getting the Final Operational Clearance which will pave its way into the full operational use by Indian Air Force. Though IAF already has one squadron of Tejas, those aircraft lack mid-air refueling capacity, which is a very important part in increasing the range.