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India may cut 1.5 Lakh Army jobs to procure new weapons

Indian Army Para Elite 9 Commandos. (Panky2sharma/Wikimedia Commons)
September 11, 2018

In a bid to provide more weapons, the Indian Army is considering cutting around 1.5 Lakh jobs to support its modernization policy.

The defense has always faced the shortage of funds, which has also slowed down the modernization of armed forces. By cutting down 1.5 Lakh jobs, the Army will be able to save around Rs. 7,000 crores and that money will be utilized for buying new weapons.

Presently, 83 percent of Army’s Rs. 1.28 lakh crore budget goes towards the day-to-day expenses like salaries. Only a minimal Rs. 26,826 crore goes towards capital expenditure. This figure also reflects how tight the budgets are when it comes to capital expenditure, which is about the procurement of fighting assets.

China has even cut down the size of its military to allocate more money in modernization efforts.