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Naval LCA flies again after a gap of 1 year

Naval Prototype with Tail Hook (@SandeepUnnithan/Twitter)
July 26, 2018

After a gap of near one year, the Naval Light Combat Aircraft flies again in the skies of Goa. This time, it flew with the tail hook which is a very important component of the N-LCA that will allow it to conduct Operations from an aircraft carrier.

The N-LCA was put in cold storage after Navy expressed its dissatisfaction, but the Aeronautical Development Agency took this as a challenge and implemented further changes.

The Naval Prototype-2 (NP-2), which is a single sitter, was the aircraft involved in the testing. It was flown by a Navy Test Pilot.

The N-LCA is derived from the Tejas and is intended to serve on Navy Aircraft Carriers.