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More battalions to be raised for Pakistan and China borders

India-Pakistan border at Wagah, near Amritsar, India, Nov. 2017. (shankar s./Flickr)
July 18, 2018

In a move to beef up its muscles near international borders, India has now decided to raise more battalions of Border Security Force (BSF) and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) troops. The plan is to raise nearly 17 new battalions.

The agenda is to strengthen up the bordering areas against any threatening acts by the rivals. The move was taken after reports of the growing proximity between Pakistan and China, which possess a great threat to India.

Currently, the BSF has been tasked to oversee the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh border, while the ITBP solely looks after the Indo-China Border. Both the forces come under the Home Ministry.