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Light Utility Helicopter now close to initial operational clearance

June 07, 2018


On Tuesday, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited carried out another hot weather trial of the Light Utility Helicopter. The helicopter was flown by experienced test pilot Wg Cdr Unnikrishna Pillay(Ret.). This also brings the helicopter closer to initial operational clearance.

The test was conducted in Banglore as part of the critical hot weather trials. The test was aimed at testing the platform and its capability to operate in hot weather. The platform will now undergo trials in various conditions in a different part of India like in Rajasthan for the hot summer trials and in Leh for high altitude trials.

The LUH is a light helicopter which is capable of performing various tasks like carrying troops and also as an air ambulance. It is intended to replace the ageing Chetak and Cheetah helicopters.