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US renamed the US Pacific Command to Indo-Pacific Command

May 31, 2018


In a big move by the United States, it has now renamed US Pacific Command to US Indo-Pacific Command. The move is also seen as part by the US to increase ties with India, which plays a very vital role in South Asia.

Though the naming is just symbolic and will be on paper only, nothing will change in terms of boundaries or assets from the western part of India to America’s Pacific coastline.

“In recognition of the increasing connectivity between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, today we rename the US Pacific Command to US Indo-Pacific Command,” U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis said at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

He also added, “over many decades this command has repeatedly adapted to changing circumstance and today carries that legacy forward as America focuses west.”

Now both countries will also conduct the big Malabar naval exercise along with the Japanese Navy.