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New small turbofan engine tested successfully

May 03, 2018


In a major development, the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) has successfully tested a prototype of the small turbofan engine that can be used in UAV’s. The test was conducted at a high altitude testing facility in Leh which is situated above 11,600 ft.

“The successful demonstration validated the design, selection of materials and the control logic used for lighting and acceleration of the engine to a minimum sustained speed. The performance of pyro systems was as per expectations,” a DRDO official said.

“The Suitable Operator Console in a climate-controlled cabin for the safe operation of the control desk, data acquisition systems and vibration monitoring panels were also positioned to ensure that tests are carried out without compromising safety and other design criteria,” the official added.

The engine will be very useful in powering the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and reducing the dependency on foreign imported engine thus boosting the “Make in India” initiative. It will fall under the 450 kg thrust engine class.