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Former IAF Chief Idris Hassan Latif dies at 94

May 04, 2018


Former Indian Air Force Chief Marshal Idris Hassan Latif passed away on Monday. He was 94 and took his last breath in Hyderabad. He was laid to rest on Tuesday.

He was notably known for his able leadership and his modernization policies that took the Indian Air Force into the new era. During his tenure, aircraft like the Mig-25, which was the fastest aircraft in Asia, was inducted. The Sepcat Jaguar was also inducted.

Just last year, his wife Bilkees Latif ,who was a noted social activist and writer, passed away and since then his health was deteriorating. He is survived by three children.

He was commissioned as an officer in the Royal Air Force and then joined the Royal Indian Airforce. After the independence, he chose India over Pakistan and with his able qualities, he rose to chief rank.