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Navy warships to receive 13 high-calibre guns

April 30, 2018


The Defence Ministry purchased the acquisition of 13 high-calibre guns for Navy warships. The guns will be procured from BAE Systems at an estimated cost of Rs 3,053 crore.

“These guns would be procured from BAE Systems of the USA under the (Defence Procurement Procedure) category of Buy (Global) at a cost of over Rs 3,000 crore,” as per the Defence Ministry statement.

The 13 high-calibre guns will be installed in the new warships which are under construction at various Indian dockyards. The guns will be of 127 mm calibre and will be the main gun system for the new destroyers and frigates. It will be employed for naval gunfire support operations to undertake surface engagements.

The gun system will have also have a range of 24 km.