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Indian Navy to upgrade Ka-28 helicopters

April 14, 2018


In order to boost the lifetime of the old Ka-28 helicopters, the Indian navy has decided to upgrade the helicopters with the help of Russia. The upgrades will give the helicopters a new lifeline to perform its desired roles without any hurdles.

The upgrades will include new radio electronics, an up-to-date navigation system, modernized communication facilities and other upgrades. The upgrades will be done by Russian helicopters under the post-sale maintenance program and will be done at the Kumertau aircraft production facility in Russia.

The contract was awarded to Rosoboronexport by the Indian Ministry of Defense in 2016 and will take around five years for the repairs and technical maintenance.

The helicopter can perform various SAR and ASHM roles and is capable of performing deck operations. The Indian Navy is also the largest operator of the Ka-28 outside Russia.