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Underwater drone prototype developed by DRDO

March 08, 2018


In another milestone, the state-owned Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has finally developed a working prototype of the underwater unmanned vehicle. The vehicle is loaded with different kinds of sensors and sonar.

The vehicle has already been tested in many waters, but currently, it is a low endurance underwater drone. Further development is still ongoing.

“Countries like the US and China are working on underwater drones which will fire torpedoes. As of now, this is our immediate project. But it is not on a mission mode. It is being taken as a technology demonstrator which can then be tailor-made for the navy depending on their needs,” -Samir V Kamat, director general, Naval Systems and Materials, DRDO.

The vehicle will be able to perform various roles like a bridge between the Navy and the submarine, situation assessment for the subsea, surface and air units for coordinated action, defensive and offensive roles as well as various other roles.