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Tejas has export potential: Defense Minister

March 06, 2018


Sharing its trust, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that Light Combat Aircraft Tejas has very serious export potential.

“There is no way in which we are forgetting LCA Tejas. Recently, the Defence Minister of Singapore flew the aircraft. Many countries are talking about Tejas. We love to supply to all those countries who wish to have it.”- Sitharaman said.

“They have been asked to look at outsourcing of work to speed up matters. The government remains committed on the Tejas. The Mark-II version of the plane is being made. It will be a big leap forward,” she added.

The comment comes at a very crucial time when India scrapped its single-engine aircraft potential deal. The Tejas is a perfect aircraft to meet IAF needs though IAF is looking more for medium class while Tejas is Light Class.

Just last month, the Air Chief of France and US Airforce flew in the Tejas trainer. Both were very happy with the aircraft.