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Indian Bofors clear internal trials

March 09, 2018


Finally, after 3 long failures, Dhanush “Indian Bofors” artillery has cleared its internal trials. The  155×45 mm caliber howitzer passed its crucial round of internal tests and now it will be heading for more complex trials.

The program was started in 2010 but in 2013, a shell exploded in the barrel which resulted in the halting of the program for some time. However, it was put back to trials again after modifications. In 2017, two such incidents were reported but those have been sorted out.

The Dhanush is made by Gun Carriage Factory (GCF), Jabalpur and it is a 155×45 calibre howitzer with a range of 38km which is much better than old Bofors used by the Army.

If all goes well, the Army will induct the Dhanush soon. The army already conducted its high-altitude user based trials in Siachin.