SAAB looking for more partnerships in India


After the joint venture of SAAB with Indian private firm Adani, the Swedish aerospace company is now looking for more private Indian firms to collaborate with in order to increase its presence in the Indian market.

SAAB is also looking to bring its global partners in India to expand its product range. The information was shared by Mats Palmberg, Vice President of Saab’s International Partnerships.

“We will cooperate with other companies in India,” Palmberg told media in an interview.

SAAB very well knows about the growing Indian markets where the Indian Air Force and Navy are looking to procure nearly 100 single engine aircraft. The company knows it can very well serve its purpose by pitching in the Jas-39 Gripen aircraft.

Just last year, SAAB partnered with Adani Company in the defense manufacturing sector of aircraft, missiles and much more.