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LCH flew with indigenous Automatic Flight Control System

February 02, 2018


On Wednesday India’s very own HAL Light Combat Helicopter gunship flew for the first time with indigenous Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS). The AFCS will replace the high value imported system thereby giving a boost to the “Make In India” initiative.

The Automatic Flight Control System is a very powerful system which will allow the helicopter to remain stable by sensing any diversion from a level flight in just microseconds and send flight control the correctness needed for stable flight.

“The development of indigenous AFCS is a HAL-funded project and will replace the high value imported system,” said T. Suvarna Raju, the chief of HAL.

The Light Combat Helicopter is developed by Hindustan Aeronautical Limited to meet the requirements of the armed forces. The helicopter is armed with rocket pods, atgms, air to air missiles and a mini gun system that is controlled by a helmet mounted sight.