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Indian Navy to upgrade six conventional submarines

February 09, 2018


The Indian Navy has now decided to upgrade its six oldest conventional submarines with new tech.This will be done to make them match the changing dynamics of war in the Indian Ocean.

The Navy has already begun the process of upgrading four Sindhughosh-class (Russian Kilo) and two Shishumar-class (German HDW) submarines. These six submarines will come under the ‘life extension and refit’ programs which will cost around 1,000 crores per boat (Upgrades).

They are the oldest submarines of the Indian Navy fleet which is operational over the last 20 years. The submarine upgrades will give life extension to the fleet of 5 to 10 years.

Just recently, Indian Navy launched its 3rd Scorpene submarine and will be inducting six new submarines of the same class to support its crippling fleet of subs.