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India and Malaysia to conduct joint air exercise

February 02, 2018


In a move to increase ties with ASEAN Nations, India has decided to conduct a joint air exercise with Royal Malaysian Air Force involving the Sukhoi aircraft which both countries operate.

The information was revealed on January 26th when it was announced that the Indian Air Force will be taking part in the Royal Australian hosted exercise “Pitch Black” in July-August and while en-route or during the return, a joint exercise will be conducted in Malaysia.

It is to be noted that both the Indian Air Force and Royal Malaysian Air Force operate Su-30 aircraft while the Indian variant is “MKI” which is specially tailored with Russian, French and Israeli systems while the “MKM” variant is totally equipped with Russian equipment but some of its mission computers and canards are supplied by India.

India has trained RMAF pilots in firing missiles like Kh-31.