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IAF to use Puducherry highway as runway for aircraft

February 02, 2018


The Indian Air Force is now planning to convert Puducherry-Tindivanam national highway as an airstrip during emergencies to support aircraft landing and takeoff operations. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will convert the 5km stretch on the Puducherry-Tindivanam highway to the temporary airstrip during emergencies.

“The section of the highway where the airstrip is proposed must be as straight as an arrow without any aerial obstructions like electric posts, poles, trees and buildings. A team comprising of IAF and NHAI officials inspected the highway and selected the project site (between Pullichapallam and Ozhunthiyapet) last year,” said a district official in a statement.

The highways will be open to the public at normal times, but in case of emergency, normal traffic will be blocked and the stretch will be utilized for aircraft landing and operations.