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Air Force to buy new transport aircraft to replace Avro transport fleet

February 05, 2018


Following its modernization policy, the Indian Air Force is close to signing a mega-deal of 56 transport aircraft to replace the Avro HS-748 transport aircraft fleet.

As per reports, IAF is keen to select Airbus C-295 transport aircraft as the replacement for Avro. The aircraft will be procured under “Make in India” initiative where 56 Airbus C-295 will be produced indigenously in partnership with the Indian firm Tata group.

The bid for the tender will be opened shortly after which the negotiation for price and tech sharing will be done before a final decision will be made

The Avro replacement program was started during the previous government tenure but was struck due to various reasons. The current government is extensively working to seal the deal.

Avro is a very old transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force and has been used extensively for supplies.