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One Lakh new assault rifles for security forces

January 11, 2018


Indian Army may get nearly one lakh new assault rifles in 2018 to replace the ageing INSAS rifles. The government is now working to speed up the procurement process to meet Army needs.

The rifles will be procured under “fast-track procedure” (FTP) mentioned in the Defence Procurement Procedure, 2016. The Army needs nearly 7.7 lakh assault rifles now but the Army has decided to buy them in phases to meet the requirements.

The present 5.56 INSAS rifles is not up to the mark as it has lots of flaws which is a matter of concern. The Army initiated the plan to replace them with new assault rifles.

It is yet to be decided which rifles will be procured, but the OFB-made rifles have so far not performed well as per the requirements. But if speculations are made, the Army will be going ahead with OFB-made rifles.