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Indian Navy Mig-29K crashes at Goa Airport

January 04, 2018


On Wednesday, the Indian Navy suffered its loss of Mig-29K airframe when an under trainee pilot shot off the runway at Goa Airport, though he ejected safely.

This was the first crash since it was inducted 8 years back. The actual reason for the crash is yet to be assessed but the crash happened after the trainee pilot, who was on a training sortie, aborted the takeoff.

“A Mig29K aircraft with under-trainee pilot goes off the runway while taking off at Goa airport. Pilot ejects to safety. Fire on aircraft being extinguished” said an Indian Navy spokesperson.

As the base is located in a civilian airport, the civilian flights were also aborted for several hours.

The Mig-29k was inducted into the Indian Navy in 2010 and is also being operated from the Indian Navy’s sole aircraft carrier NS Vikramaditya. It has a better safety record compared to other Russian origin aircraft operated by the Indian Navy but is suffering through many issues like the engine issue which is yet to be sorted out fully. Due to engine problems the operational readiness is also hampered.