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IAF to upgrade its Jaguar fleet

January 03, 2018


The Indian Air Force has been looking to upgrade its fleet of deep penetration strike bomber “Jaguars” but was struck due to an issue. However, finally the issue has been resolved and the Indian Air Force is moving ahead to upgrade the capabilities of the Jaguar with new engines and other avionics.

The upgrade plan is worth over Rs 5,000 crore under which the Jaguar will be equipped with new Honeywell F-125 engines, new radar and imaging equipment and also a new cockpit system.

The upgrade plan was struck for nearly six years due to an indecision by the UPA for the procurement of new aircraft and with upgrade plans. Also, there were some issues with engine makers “Honeywell,” however that has now been sorted out.

At present, India is the only operator of the Jaguar and has around six squadrons stationed at Ambala, Gorakhpur and Jamnagar.

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