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US engine-specialists visit India to train C-17 maintenance crew

December 08, 2017


A team of US engine specialists from the 167th maintainers spent nearly 30 days in India to provide C-17 engine training to the crew members.

Tech. Sgt. Jarrod Plotner and Staff Sgt. Ben Wimberly engine specialists teach the engine maintainers in handling C-17 engines. They provided the training at Hindon Air Base which is the home of C-17 Globe Master.

“It was the first ever hot preservation of a spare motor on a wing, at least since the mid-90’s,” Plotner said.

“We removed a serviceable engine from their aircraft, installed a 720-day preserved engine that needed to be ran for operations checks and ran it through. “The ops check was good. Then we did an on-wing hot preservation of the spare motor again so it could be re-preserved for an additional 720 days. We then removed that engine and re-installed the original serviceable engine.”- Wimberly said

During the training period, they supported the maintainers in handling engines, changing parts, servicing and other engine maintenance related activities.