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Navy to increase aircraft fleet

December 18, 2017


In a bid to increase its muscles with the changing dynamics of war, the Indian Navy is planning to double its fleet of aircraft. In a recent interview, Naval Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba expressed the Navy plan that it will double its aircraft fleet in the coming decade.

“We have a naval air wing, which has 238 aircraft at the moment. It has a combination of fighters, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft, both- long range and short range. And we have a plan in place…in a decade’s time this Naval air wing will grow to close to 500 aircraft of different types,”-Admiral Sunil Lanba

The Naval fleet is currently equipped with P8I Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft, Il-38, Do-228 and Mig29K fighter Aircraft. The Navy is also planning to procure a new fighter aircraft for its Naval fleet for the upcoming aircraft carrier.