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India to buy last C-17

December 21, 2017


Finally MOD, approved the plan to buy the last C-17. The decision was made when the last C-17 was supposed to be sold to other users. India put in a special request to Washington to reserve the plane for the Indian Air Force.

Originally, the Air Force wanted to buy three C-17 planes from the U.S., which has stopped the production of these planes at its facility in Long Beach, California but the American government has only one plane left for sale.

A single C-17 will cost more than Rs 2,700 crore and once signed, it will arrive within a few months.

India had bought the previous ten aircraft from the American government under a $4.1 billion deal. All of them are stationed at Hindon Air Force Base.

Indian Air Force employs the aircraft for various roles both for the strategical purposes which include supplies to troops stationed a the far region.