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Female officers to serve onboard naval vessels

December 05, 2017


After the Air Force inducted female officers in fighter fleet, the Indian Navy is now moving ahead with its plan to allow women to serve onboard warships. The Navy is also planning to induct 50 female pilots.

“The living conditions in the warships are different, and the Indian Navy has been trying to create an environment for women to sail and work on the ships,” said Vice Admiral Karambir Singh.

Before allowing women to sail onboard the warships, the existing warships will require modifications in the room structure to suit the requirements of the women officers though Shivalik Class vessels had been designed to accommodate women officers.

Besides this, Vice Admiral Karambir Singh also said that “as of now, 34 ships are under construction at various shipyards in the country. If all goes as per schedule, in 10 to 15 years, the Indian Navy will have a strong fleet of 198 ships, 450 aircraft, and a good number of submarines as part of the expansion and modernization plan.”

Over the last few years, the Indian military has expanded the role of women in the armed forces.