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Deal for Mi-17 to be signed soon with Russia

December 21, 2017


India will soon ink the deal with Russia to purchase nearly 48 Mi-17V5 helicopters at an estimated cost of US$ 1.1 billion. The procured Mi-17V5 will be inducted into the Indian Air Force.

“Negotiations with the Indian side have been completed, and we hope to sign the contract in 2018,” said Russian Helicopters CEO Andrei Boginsk.

Russia has so far delivered 151 Mi-17V5 helicopters with plans to deliver more by next year. The Indian Air Force has recently retired its fleet of Mi-8, so in order to fill the gap, the process is now fast-tracked.

India at present is the largest operator of Mi17-V helicopters outside Russia. The helicopter is equipped with night vision technology, onboard weather radar, a new PKV-8 autopilot system, and a KNEI-8 avionics suite. Its top speed is 250 km and has an operational range of 580 km, which can be extended to 1065km when equipped with two auxiliary fuel tanks.

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