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Tejas to be fitted with BrahMos

November 30, 2017


After successfully conducting the test of the air-launched version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, the BrahMos aerospace is now moving ahead to develop a light version of the missile to fit in the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas.

The current version of the Air launched BrahMos is too heavy to fit in the Tejas and also even big aircraft like the Sukhoi can carry only one such missile. A new version of BrahMos will be developed small in size and also lighter in weight so that other IAF aircraft can carry it. Such missiles will make the indigenous Tejas deadlier.

BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile jointly developed by India and Russia. It is also credited to be the fastest in its class. It has a range of more than 300km and its supersonic speed makes it undetectable.