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Russian media posts false report about India allowing US officials to visit onboard INS Chakra

November 10, 2017


Recently the Russian media have published a false report regarding India allowing US officials to visit onboard the leased nuclear submarine INS Chakra. As per reports, such news is totally false and is a wrong attempt to halt the deal for leasing another nuclear submarine.

The Russian report reads “Indian Navy had permitted a US technical crew into top-secret compartments of India’s existing Russian-built nuclear submarine, the INS Chakra, in clear violation of the terms of the contract between India and Russia.”

India leased INS Chakra in 2012 for 10 years and is a nuclear submarine of Akula Class so it comes with lots agreements and clauses. One of the restrictions is visiting foreign officials being allowed onboard the vessel. India has always respected the clause and agreement. Such reports are just attempt to disturb the relation of India and Russia.