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New missile for Arjun tank coming next year

November 30, 2017


The indigenous main battle tank “Arjun” will be equipped with a new generation indigenous missile system next year. The Arjun MK-II, which is going under modifications to meet Army requirements, will be fitted with the system.

The move was taken after the Israeli missile system LAHAT, which was to be fitted in the Arjun MK-II, failed to meet Army need which delayed the program for several years.

The missile is being developed by Defense Research Development Organization and is already undergoing trials and so far has performed well to meet the Army’s  requirements.

The Army first wanted a missile with a range between 500 meters and five kilometers but later on, changed it to 1,500 meters and five kilometers.

At present, the Arjun Mk-II is going through several modifications to increase its missile firing capability.

Arjun Mk-II is an upgraded version of the Arjun tank that features a 120mm main rifled gun with DRDO-developed armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot ammunition.