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Indian Army to roll out biggest arms deal

November 17, 2017


The Indian Army is all set to roll out the biggest arms deal focused on the procurement of futuristic tanks and infantry combat vehicles (ICVs). The deal is worth Rs 80,000-1,00,000 crore approximately. Army Chief on Wednesday also explained the details of India’s biggest-ever weapons acquisition.

The plan is to manufacture nearly 1,770 advanced, 50-ton futuristic tanks and infantry combat vehicles (ICVs) under strategic partner policy in which private Indian firms will bid in partnership with global “original equipment manufacturers.”

“The FICV and FRCV will be game changers for the indigenous defence industry,” said Lieutenant General Ashok Shivane, mechanized force’s chief.

Tanks play a very crucial role in offensive strikes and the Indian Army is currently using three types of battle tanks in which the T-72 will be replaced with the ICVs.