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No shortage of ammunition for armed forces

October 17, 2017


According to Indian Union Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre, there is no shortage of ammunition for the Indian armed forces. While answering a question regarding the availability of ammunition during a meet he said. “such a situation was there in 2013, but not now.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants the country to become self-reliant in defence production through ‘Make in India’ campaign,” Subhash Bhamre said.

“We are putting stress on transfer of technology from foreign countries through joint production to turn the country self-reliant in defence production,” he added.


India is currently the largest importer of military equipment. Howver, this comes with several problems. To overcome that, indigenous manufacturing of equipment is the first solution. The recent CAG report also raises many questions on ammunition shortage and the reliability of Indian-made equipment. While the ammunition shortage problem has been solved, it will be interesting to see how the reliability problem will be solved.

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