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Changes made to Arjun Mk-II for Indian Army

October 24, 2017


The state-owned Defense Research Organization has made significant changes in the Arjun MK-II to make it serviceable for the Indian Army. The information was revealed by DRDO’s Chairman S Christopher who is hoping that the Indian Army will soon accept the Arjun MK-II for operational use.

DRDO has carried out nearly 71 modifications as recommended by the army. Some of the most important were redesigning the hull and the turret structures as well as the use of new materials in order to reduce the weight. The tank will now go through trials as the army has already agreed to induct the tank in two regiments.

Arjun Mk-II is an upgraded version of Arjun Tank that features a 120mm main rifled gun with DRDO developed armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot ammunition. It currently weighs 68 tons which is an issue yet and can be problematic to operate in high altitude zones.