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IAF A-50 AWACS procurement halted

September 15, 2017


The A-50 procurement plan is now on hold due to price negotiation. The plan for buying two new Airborne Early Warning Systems Aircraft is facing delays due to a steep hike in price for the Il-76 Aircraft from Russia and radar from Israel.

At present, the IAF is operating three A-50 AWACS which was procured in 2003. India customized the system according to its need where India procured Il-76 from Russia and then with the help of Israel the AESA radar was fitted.

The aircraft is capable of carrying out surveillance of enemy aircraft, drones and cruise missiles at a maximum range up to 400-500 km.

In the present scenario, such system plays an important role in terms of alertness. It’s like eyes in the sky. India’s neighbor Pakistan also have such systems but larger numbers compared to India.